A Platform that will be able to ease
The Oil Industry service (OIS) operation

▸ Friendly process and Procedure
▸ Secure transaction
▸ Proactive sourcing
▸ Ready stocks with selectable options
What will be MGS Oil Business Operation
Vision will look like
MGS Business Sustaining
▸ The sufficient funding to support both Contract business and the SPOT along with short of supply business
▸ Funding Type support
    ▸ BG
    ▸ BCL only thru RWA
    ▸ DLC Ready
        ▸ MT 199-> MT 700
    ▸ SBLC Ready
        ▸ MT 799-> MT 760
MGS Business believe and Intention
▸ Supply to Major Tiers of D2 market Market players
▸ Contract for different demand of D2
    ▸ Short Contract for high end D2 demand like EN 590
    ▸ Major Contract for mid-end Demands from 50 PPM to 500 PPM
▸ Stable Oil supply China will increase the product expansion coverage from regulate demand to stable SPOT supports
    ▸ 2000 MT to 10,000 MT
    ▸ 200,000MT to 50,000 MT
▸ Tank Storage Contract vs. Vessel contract supply
    ▸Tank Take Over operation vs Vessel Take Over operation
MGS Current Contract and SPOT
▸ Friendly Business Procedures for Trading
▸ The business is partnering to the players with friendly consulting and Financial Service structure
▸ Yearly contract is not always basic demand, friendly service is life time appreciated
▸ Always create win- win business
▸ Supply chain is not easy to control but we make it always available to buyers
▸ Transparent NCNDA equal to trust not limitation
Type of Business Model for Customers in Region
Our Services
Products Business Operation
▸ Diesel
  ▸ D2 Categories: Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (“ULSD”
    ▸ 50 ppm    ▸ 200 ppm
    ▸ Mix      ▸ EN-590/ 10 ppm
  ▸ Europe Standard
    ▸ Euro 4: 50 ppm
    ▸ Euro 5: 1-5 ppm
  ▸ Crude Oil
  ▸ NNPC: under Contract Process
    ▸ 10 million Barrels
  ▸ ESPO: Under Sources development
    ▸ 10 Million Barrels
  ▸ Others
    ▸ JP 54
NNPC : Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
▸ Maximum crude oil production capacity of 2.5 million barrels per day

▸ Nigeria appears to have a greater potential for gas than oil. Nigeria's gas production in the year 2000 was approximately 1,681.66 billion scf, 1,3715 billion scf was associated gas and the rest 310.16 billion was nonassociated gas.

▸ Nigeria produces only high value, low sulphur content, light crude oils –
Antan Blend, Bonny Light, Bonny Medium, Brass Blend, Escravos Light, Forcados Blend, IMA, Odudu Blend, Pennington Light, Qua-Iboe Light, Ukpokiti,
Business Operation Target Looks
  ▸ On Contracting Proceeding
    ▸ D2
    ▸ HS Diesel

  ▸ SPOT opportunity Proceeding
    ▸ D2 and JP 54

  ▸ Military Use: Jet A1

  ▸ NNPC, China Refinery
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